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Seeking Future Leader

Nominees are now being sought for the office of AMEA President Elect. Any AMEA member may submit their name for consideration to the ballot, however, previous experience within the association is preferred. The AMEA Board of Directors will consider all submissions and decide a slate of no more than three candidates for presentation to the general membership.

A President Elect will be chosen by the general membership on an electronic ballot no later than 60 days following the 2024 AMEA State Conference. The candidate with the most votes will assume the office of President Elect on June 15, 2024, and proceed to the office of President two years later. In the event the office of the President becomes vacant, the President Elect shall succeed immediately to President. The President Elect shall assist the President in organizational duties as assigned by the President. Including serving two years as Past President, election to this position is a six-year commitment.

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