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Choral Sessions

Ideas on Balancing - You Are Human - First! - Derrick Brookins

This session we focus on ideas and concepts of “It Works for Me”. Recognizing post Covid Shut-Down, how to recharge yourself so that you can be fully charged for your students.

The Choral Music of Moses Hogan - A Reading Session - Derrick Brookins

Having studied and sung with Mr. Hogan in the Moses Hogan Singers and Chorale, Brookins will lead a reading session of some of Hogan’s most popular and some lesser known choral works. Dr. Brookins will also discuss proper and authentic choral methods in teaching/performing the Negro Spiritual.

Selecting Appropriate Literature for Male Chorus - Derrick Brookins

A reading session of tried and true literature appropriate for middle and high school tenor/bass choirs. The choral literature will span from developing choruses to advanced ensembles. We will also discuss ideas and programs that have shown to work when recruiting and building your male enrollment within your choral program.

Developing a Healthy Choral Tone Through Successful Warm-Ups - Derrick Brookins

An in-depth look into several vocal and physical warm ups that will help develop a healthy choral tone for your choir. In this section we will participate in several techniques that focus on developing rich tone with open throat and free sounds.

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