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General and Collegiate Sessions

Pre-Service Educators Unite- What to Expect In Your Music Educator Journey

Join a panel of Alaska’s Music Educators as they share and answer questions about their experiences in music education. This is a wonderful opportunity to gather information and insight into the different disciplines, logistics, lifestyle and expectations of in-service educators. This session is slightly informal in its presentation, but a powerful opportunity to support those who are ready to enter the field. Though it is intended to support pre-service educators, all are welcome to attend.

Tips & Tricks for Promoting Your Music Program - Dr. Jaunelle Celaire & Jenna Dreydoppel

Are you wanting to take your music groups to another level? Yes, it is about the music, however, your outside public needs to know the same thing! In today’s day and age our students are becoming a lot more savvy with technology! There are so many internet platforms to best promote your groups and demonstrate the growth of your program! In this session, we will be talking about ways to promote your group in a positive and fun way through social media!

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