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Orchestral Sessions

Mindfulness Matters - Nathan Rødahl

This session introduces a suite of SEL focused tools to help students self regulate and hone their focus for the stage and in life. This session marries together overcoming performance anxiety and how we can use that experience to reflect the way we regulate emotions throughout life.

Show the Sound You Want to Hear - Nathan Rødahl

A conducting course in clearly conveying your intention for the music through your conducting gesture, and getting the response you desire.

Assume They’re NOT Going to Practice - Nathan Rødahl

This session answers the question “how would I change my teaching if I assumed no one was going to practice”. This is a research based approach to practice in and outside of the rehearsal hall, and strategies to build practice skills through rehearsal. Attendees will have access to research and materials to support a more realistic approach to home practice and tools for the classroom when students just don’t practice.

Orchestra Jam - Nathan Rødahl

How, when and why to teach improvisation in the orchestra classroom. Attendees should bring instruments to experience these techniques live and in person — folks from wind, percussion, and vocal backgrounds are welcome to participate as well.

Reading Session: Hidden Gems by Underrepresented Composers - Nathan Rødahl

Attendees should bring their instruments to learn about and read through pieces which excite and delight students while introducing new pieces into your regular rotation. The best way to meet this music is to play it! (I would be happy to advance PDFs ahead of time for a reading session)

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