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Elementary Sessions

Operation Engagement - Hannah Johnston

In our screen minded generation, it’s more and more challenging to engage our learners. It’s time to set Operation Engagement into action! Come sing, play and explore strategies and lessons that help to bring musical concepts to life through play, games, movement and more!

Creative Technology for the Classroom - Andrew Israelsen

How can technology in the classroom help you and your students be more creative? Andrew Israelsen will guide you through all the ways you can use technology to make your music room more student focused. Teachers will work on projects to learn and apply technology for their classrooms on the following topics: Recording and Producing, Flipped and Blended Learning to reinforce Musical Concepts, and creating class Social Media and Websites.

Cross-curricular connections - Aileen Miracle

Are you looking for ways to integrate language arts, math, and more into your music lessons? In this session, several cross-curricular connections for your music lessons will be shared, from improving students’ inference skills, to practicing addition, to improving understanding of geography, all while singing, dancing, and more! Attendees will learn how to easily interweave these activities into typical music lessons, so that musical concepts are still at the forefront of every lesson, while providing quick and easy cross-curricular connections to extend learning.

Upper Elementary Songs and Activities - Aileen Miracle

Having a difficult time coming up with songs and activities your upper elementary students will love? In this session, several songs and activities will be presented, which will be sure to engage your fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students! Additionally, attendees will learn about projects for upper elementary, which will give students agency and choice, and extend their musical learning.

Picture Books for the Music Room - Aileen Miracle

In this session, attendees will learn about wonderful reads for the music room, which allow for students to further understanding of the music curriculum while engaging students with story. From practicing rhythm, to improving pitch matching with vocal exploration, to providing historical context to instrumental music and folk songs, the picture books presented in this session will improve students’ musicianship and further their love of reading!

Centers in the Music Room - Aileen Miracle

Wondering how to easily assess your students, while giving them a chance to work independently and in small groups? In this session, attendees will learn about using centers, to engage and excite students, allow students to choose activities, and to assess. Center ideas will be presented, from practicing rhythm and melody, to learning about instruments of the orchestra, to improving recorder skills. Additionally, attendees will get a chance to try out centers for themselves!

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