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Tried and True Technologies in the Band Room - Zachary Buie

Band directors wear many hats and balance is important! We must reflect upon our strengths and weaknesses, balance our responsibilities, and decide where we should focus time to level up in our skillset. This session addresses several aspects of a band director’s role including that of teacher, classroom manager, concert impresario, composer/arranger, recruiter, communicator, conductor, program manager, and vacationer! The number of tech tools on the marketplace for educators is always growing and it is worth our time to identify those tools that will maximize efficiency in our day-to-day operations.

Thriving in Rural or Title I Band Programs - Zachary Buie

Music educators face numerous challenges in creating a successful program. These challenges are acutely felt in isolated or underserved communities. Students and communities need you to be a transformative and positive force even when stakeholders are hesitant to adapt to change. This clinic is designed to help foster a vision for your program, promote an understanding of culture and community, and provide teaching strategies that are useful and motivating for YOUR students. A structured approach to culture supports growth and empowers student success.

Achieving Brass Resonance from the Podium - Zachary Buie

This clinic will explore the challenges and solutions to achieve a more resonant sound across your brass sections. Wind, articulation, and embouchure are three primary areas of development. It is important for instructors to have applicable information that informs their concise feedback for students. We will discuss the teaching implications of the various brass instruments, the importance of establishing a tonal concept, and helpful brass resources for the educator including literature and proven accessories. Areas covered will include strategies that encourage students to take the warm-up routine seriously while remaining mentally active. Developing a beautiful, resonant sound across the brass sections is an attainable goal at any level or program.

Guided Chamber Music Strategies - Zachary Buie

Achieve heightened musicianship in your program through active and engaging chamber music opportunities. Establishing or expanding a chamber music program in your classroom will positively impact your students by increasing their capacity for judgment, improving their problem solving and interpersonal skills, and encouraging maturity through responsibility. It will also provide a unique, flexible platform to increase community awareness and support of your entire music program. Gain effective strategies to incorporate chamber music into your rehearsal schedule and lesson plans ensuring that it holds a prize place in your curriculum in the eyes of both teacher and student. This presentation will provide scaffolding for a six-week pilot program enhancing students’ ability to analyze music, rehearse efficiently, and reach tangible performance goals.

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